Goldstar Claims Process:

For most people, the scariest thing about filing a claim is the fear of the unknown. What happens after I file my claim? Will it be covered? What if I have to pay for an attorney out of my own pocket? No matter what your worry is, we’re here to help explain the process, assess your claim fairly and minimize the disruption to you.

We believe in being transparent about our claims process upfront, so you can stop worrying about the unknown.

What happens after I report a claim?

Within 1 business day: We will promptly review your claim and email you your claim reference number and emergency contact details in case your claim requires urgent handing.

Within 2 business days: A specialized claims professional will be assigned to your claim and contact you directly to understand more about your particular situation, explain next steps and answer any questions you may have.

Within 5-10 business days: Your designated claims specialist will work with you to understand the basis of your claim and obtain the necessary information for us to validate coverage.

Within 10-20 business days of receiving information necessary to validate coverage: Your claims representative will contact you to explain our decision on coverage and next steps.

 What about uncovered losses?

While most of the claims we receive are covered, there are unfortunate instances where the policy purchased does not cover the type of loss or claim submitted to us.

We know how devastating this can be and, frankly, we dislike denying claims. But, you have our word that every coverage decision we reach is guided by our values of respect and integrity; and we will always give each claim a full and fair review.

If you think we got it wrong - please let us know. We always invite you to provide additional information that you believe would allow us to conclude that your claim is covered. And we are always willing to re-examine our decisions on coverage if new information becomes available.