2015 Press Releases:

Uganda: How Fraud Is Suffocating Young Insurance Industry

Kampala (26 October 2015) A section of Ugandans have taken profiteering a little bit too far.

Allianz Launches Subsidiary in Kenya

Kenya (26 October 2015) – Allianz has taken a further step in its growth strategy in Africa by launching operations in Kenya.

El Nino Warning: Advice for our clients to keep safe

Kampala (08 October 2015) – The current El Nino weather phenomenon could be one of the STRONGEST in recorded history, leading to violent storms across the globe, including Uganda.

Secure adequate insurance cover before travelling abroad

Kampala (28 September 2015) – While travelling, you are exposed to germs and viruses and an unforeseen illnesses can strike you anytime or anywhere, that’s when travel insurance will come in handy.

Goldstar proudly sponsors URA’s Health Awareness Week

Kampala (18 September 2015) – Goldstar are proud to be a main sponsor for URA’s Health Awareness Week raising money for cancer research.

El Nino Floods May Cut Coffee Crop in Africa's Biggest Exporter

Kampala (02 September 2015) – The evolving El Nino climate phenomenon may cut coffee output in Uganda, Africa’s biggest exporter, and neighbouring Kenya by bringing heavier rains to East Africa, industry officials said.

Uganda Insurers Association celebrates 50 Years

Kampala (18 August 2015) – On 18th August, 2015 Uganda Insurers Association celebrated 50 years of contributing to the growth and development of the Insurance industry in Uganda.

Ugandan businesses are prone to risk

Kampala (06 February 2015) Many Ugandans are yet to trust insurance policies let alone understand how they work. New Vision speaks to Paul Kavuma, who is the Chief Operations Officer at Goldstar Insurance Company Ltd, about insurance.