Electronic equipment (EE) insurance

What is electronic equipment insurance?

This is a cover that has been designed to cover all types of electronic equipment, computers, delicate electric and electro-mechanical equipment such as radio broadcast, television, camera equipment, medical, communication and office equipment and so many more

What does electronic equipment insurance cover?

General coverage includes:

  • Explosion, fire and lightning
  • Theft
  • Short circuit,over voltage ,failure of insulation, arcing ,electromagnetic phenomena and implosion
  • Damage to expendable parts (bulbs,ribbons,belts, tapes etc)

Additional coverage:

  • External data media and increased cost of working

What we consider while providing coverage

We look at the new replacement value of a new equipment item, including packing, freight, custom duties and cost of installations

The indicative premium:

The premium quote would follow the minimum rates as follows:-

  • Material damage and all extensions: 1%
  • Portable items: 3%