Working For Goldstar

Our people and culture make Goldstar the perfect place to work. We value each of our employees and recruit the best and brightest in the industry. We are a first rate employer providing an extensive support structure allowing our professionals to develop their careers and reach their potential.


We are proud to employ some of the best people in the business. Their talent and dedication are what make our growing business so successful. We enable them to reach their full potential by giving them responsibility quickly, and the resources and support they need to achieve their ambitions.

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We rely on two fundamental principles:

1. Appointing the best person for the job.

We are very careful in our choice of selection methods to make sure we get an objective assessment of every candidate. Each person has every opportunity to make his or her own strengths known.

2. Ensuring equality of opportunity for all.

Our selection decisions are made on the basis of merit – regardless of gender, race, religion, marital status, disability or age.
All applications are treated in the strictest confidence.

We appreciate that taking time off for interviews can be difficult, and we do our best to make sure that you will not be asked to visit our offices more than three times during the recruitment process. These visits are as much for you to evaluate us and the opportunity we are offering, as they are for us to consider you as a potential employee.

1. First Interview

We start with an interview to determine whether you have the personal and professional skills required for the role.

2. Psychometric testing (depending on role)

If you are successful after the first round and would like to continue with the process, your next step will be to take part in psychometric testing. This will probably include a critical thinking or ability test. You may also be asked to complete a personality profile.

3. Final stages

You will be asked to one or more interviews with more senior management. For some roles, you may also meet some of our Directors. Questions at these later stages will cover more strategic business issues and your own ambitions for your career.

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