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Underwriting Process

Our promise to ensure the Underwriting / Insuring stage is as smooth as possible to give you confidence in our business, not just for today but for the long term.

Accurate and Detailed Quotations and Policy Issuance

At Goldstar, we believe in disclosing the full terms and conditions of all insurance proposals, so we ensure we highlight any exclusions under your policy right from quotation stage.
Our team upon confirmation, is committed to ensuring accurate policy documents are issued in line with discussions held with our clients. All our documents under go quality review prior to dispatch.

Explanation of Terms and Conditions

Our team is committed to ensuring you purchase the insurance which suits your needs best..
We have an extensive team with a wide range of knowledge across multiple industries, to guide you in ensuring you have the right insurance for your needs..
Upon request, our team will be happy to explain the terms to our clients to ensure they fully understand their policy.

Dedicated Team to Serve

Our local team of experts are on call to help with any adjustments, deletions and renewals..
We offer a quick turnaround on issuance of critical documents such as Motor Stickers, Travel Insurance and Marine Certificates..
We also ensure that any policies which need to be disclosed to banks for financing, reach them on time to avoid delays on Loan disbursements.

Strong Reinsurance Network

Our team of experts have a wide range of solutions for almost any type of risk.

We have covered highly specialized risks across various industries and have become known for finding solutions for challenging risks.

Engage us today to see how we can tailor a solution for your individual client or business needs.

IT Solutions

Our In-House team can help design IT solutions to help serve your insurance needs.

We have built digital platforms for brokers and banks which eases issuance of cover notes for high volume transactions.

Speak to one of our team today for more information.

Our Risk Management Training

Our team of experts are on hand to advise you how best to manage and mitigate risks affecting your business.

We are happy to attend for surveys and advise on best practices to avoid potential severe claims.