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What is Workers’ Compensation insurance?

Workers’ Compensation is a compulsory statutory form of insurance for all employers in Uganda which provides protection to workers if they suffer a work-related injury or disease.

Workers’ compensation is insurance that provides cash benefits and/or medical care for workers who are injured or become ill as a direct result of their job.

Employers pay premiums, and when there is a claim, the insurance company checks to see what benefits are owed, and then pays the injured party. You, as the injured worker, are the injured party receiving the workers’ compensation benefits.

Workers compensation insurance protects both the employee and the employer.

  • Medical costs due to injury or illness occurring while employee was on the job
  • Payment of injured employee’s missed wages
  • Provide necessary ongoing care for injured employee
  • Covers legal costs if employee sues your company due to the injury
  • Funeral costs and death benefits if employee dies due to a work related event
  • Funds to Improve Workplace Safety
  • Third-Party Damage
  • Injuries suffered while an employee is intoxicated or using illegal drugs.
  • Injuries caused by a worker who starts a fight.
  • Injuries suffered while a worker was committing a serious crime.
  • Injuries suffered while an employee was not on the job.
  • Injuries suffered when an employee’s conduct violates company policy.
  • Willful attempt to injure oneself or another.
  • Employees who suffer a heart attack.
  • Injuries from repetitious mental trauma.
  • Contracting ordinary disease of life.
  • Injuries suffered during participation in off-duty recreational activity.
  • An incident that arose out of an act of God.
  • Employee’s horseplay that produces or causes an injury.

Choose optional add-ons at an additional cost to create cover that suits you.

  • Political Violence and Terrorism: Cover against political violence and terrorism
Workers Compensation

Other types of insurance cover

Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Personal Accident

This Insurance provides a comprehensive coverage for all expenses associated with accidents up to an agreed limit. In case of the accidental death of the insured,

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

D&O insurance policies offer liability cover for company managers to protect them from claims which may arise from the decisions and actions taken.

Trustees liability Insurance

Trustees liability Insurance

The law imposes on trustees a number of duties that they must carry out using the care, skill and diligence that a prudent person of business would exercise.


You will need contents insurance, sometimes known as all risk cover, for items for which you require cover out with the home. Please provide details of these items at the time of quotation to ensure that the policy provided meets with your requirements.

Accidental Damage cover provides protection against costs incurred through damage that you, your family members or visitors may cause to the structure of your Building or to your Contents. Examples of incidents which would be covered under this extension include putting your foot through the loft floor damaging the ceiling below, leaving a tap running leading to water damage or carpet spillages. Such incidents would not be included under a policy taken out to cover Standard Perils only.

Additional charges will apply and in certain circumstances this cover might not be available.

Items kept in the garage or garden sheds will be covered under the Contents section of your policy provided you have included their value in the total sum insured declared. Limits may apply to the amount that can be claimed for theft of items taken from outbuildings and additional charges may be made for certain items such as ride on mowers. Cover for motor vehicles and motorcycles is excluded. Please declare your requirements for cover kept in outbuildings at the time of quotation to ensure that the policy provided meets with your requirements.

In most cases you will need to arrange cover for your own contents and personal possessions. Please refer to your tenancy agreement to check what, if any cover is provided by your landlord.

An excess is the amount a policyholder is required to pay towards the cost of any claim. You may be asked to pay this amount to a company that has carried out repairs on behalf of your insurer, or alternatively the sum will be deducted from any settlement received.


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